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Self-compassion aids honesty and truthfulness 

Who am I?

My primary job in this world is being a mother, which helped open the world I exist in today. A world I seek to improve for the sake of my children, my loved ones, for anyone who is alive, all the future generations to come and also, for me. A place where my inner and outer worlds can coexist harmoniously.

I am a lover of knowledge, of philosophy and the natural world. I am always thirsty for information. I read - a lot. I merely seek to connect all this information together so I have a better understanding of the societal structures we have in place today. 


I thrive on the ideas that light up in my mind, it gives me hope, it keeps me energised, it makes me feel alive. To know that change is constant is a sign that whatever I experience is fleeting. Fluid perspectives roll with the tides sometimes growing, sometimes crashing and I know that I am not a solid form. 


I had been studying a Health Science degree for the past few years until early 2022, when life suddenly changed and my husband and I decided to home educate our children. This perceived self-sacrifice came with more opportunities, more magical door openings as I like to call it. 

I offer energy healing with the attunement of Reiki which I personally believe to be the energy of unconditional love. I am an activist and an advocate of our natural environment and I believe in the power of community and grassroots movements. I am the descendent of what was the biggest warring tribe in Borneo, the fierceness is alive within my arteries and veins. I am also the child of peaceful fishing villages where the calm open ocean is the centre of my heart and being. 

Despite all that I do and the labels being given to me by society, who am I really? Who is this driving force behind all of this? – I believe that is truly who I am. I cannot perceive my animal self to be merely a bag of meat and bones. I am more than that. Something keeps me alive and it is beyond my cognitive abilities. This consciousness I am aware of, what is driving that?

Writing is an outlet for all those thoughts that demand to be shared so they can keep travelling the cosmic web and sparking up those synapses in our brains. It is a way for me to gain clarity and make deeper connections with my-self and with other people. So don’t be afraid to reach out, I almost exclusively only speak of deep and meaningful things!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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